About us

The basic idea

All energy technologies and their applications require profound scientific and technical knowledge. Universities and research institutes must accept their role as leaders and coordinators. Only they are able to train the scientists and engineers required for this structural change
A trans-regional, voluntary partnership between Danube universities could be able to build a trans-regional network that opens new avenues to the partners (e.g. in the development of courses and content), but which also opens new doors of opportunity to the universities located along the Danube itself. Production, trade and industry for regenerative energies and fuel cells can now develop at these locations.

Possible forms of cooperation of the Danube universities

  • exchange of experiences
  • development of a common curricula
  • exchange among students during their studies as well as for practical training in firms/institutes
  • exchange of teachers
  • Summer school for sustainable energy management and special themes
  • Know-how transfer
  • common research projects