Óbuda University

  • New experimental method for measuring power characteristics of photovoltaic cells at given light irradiation pdf
  • Photovoltaic systems pdf
  • New power system structures Micro- and Smartgrids pdf

Slovak University of Technology

  • Energy Storage  pdf
  • Solar cooling pdf

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

  • Smart Building Design pdf
  • Energy efficient building design in different climatic and cultural areas pdf

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Smart-communication PLC pdf
  • Smart concepts in outdoor lighting – street lighting pdf
  • Smart grid concepts in transportation pdf
  • Smart grid concepts at TSO level pdf
  • Smart grid concepts – Distribution level pdf
  • Smart grid concepts – Consumer level pdf
  • Smart Grid – Introduction pdf
  • Micro scale energy generation combined heat and power systems pdf
  • Agenda pdf

The Ulm University of Applied Sciences

  • Smart City – an Approach pdf